WiMax: Always Just Over the Horizon for Gov Networks

Tuesday May 4th 2010 by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Signals from a Wi-fi system only reach a few hundred feet. In contrast, a WiMax signal reaches for a few miles.

WiMAX (Wireless metropolitan access networks - MANs) is also known as IEEE 802.16. It's a specification for fixed broadband wireless networks that use a point-to-multipoint architecture. Occasionally the technology is referred to as WirelessMAN or the Air Interface Standard

"Will WiMax ever get its due as a major player in government metropolitan area networks? It’s a great technology which always seems to be waiting on the horizon – with experts claiming it's just a year or two away from major deployment. But WiMax has been waiting right there on the horizon since 2002. I tend to think of WiMax as a bit like George Jetson’s flying car. Great idea. Functional examples exist in several places. But broad penetration never quite takes off."

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