Spy Eye Taking on Zeus in Botnet Turf War

Wednesday Feb 10th 2010 by Kara Reeder

Spy Eye's 'Kill Zeus' option is the most aggressive crimeware, says researcher.

Spy Eye Toolkit, a little-known Trojan program that has been spotted on Russian cyber crime forums, has decided to take on its much-larger rival, Zeus, by stealing data and then removing the malicious program from infected computers.

According to Computerworld, Spy Eye has recently added a feature called "Kill Zeus" that removes the Zeus software from the victim's PC. Spy Eye then has exclusive access to usernames and passwords.

Kevin Stevens, a researcher with SecureWorks, calls Spy Eye's "Kill Zeus" option the most aggressive crimeware, as the software can also snatch data as it is sent back to a Zeus command-and-control server.

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