Apple iPad Supports VoIP

Monday Feb 1st 2010 by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Like the iPhone (as of last week), the iPad will allow VoIP calls over 3G networks.

"Yes, it's true—you can do VoIP on the new Apple iPad. The iPad sports WiFi, 3G, speaker, and a microphone - all you need to do VoIP," writes TMCnet's Tom Keating on the VoIP and Gadgets blog.

"But the real kicker is that Apple just modified their iPhone/iPad SDK to ALLOW VoIP over 3G. Yes, my friends, now you too can hold a massive 9.7" screen to your head—bulkiness and radiation be damned," Keating writes.

Click the following link to read the full story: VoIP on iPad - Yes!

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