CRM Spotlight: ZoomInfo Launches FreshContacts

Monday Jan 25th 2010 by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Users can gain two months of free access to ZoomInfo's online database in exchange for their Outlook business contacts.

ZoomInfo has announced the launch of FreshContacts, an offer of two free months of unlimited access to ZoomInfo's online database of 45 million contacts at 5 million companies in exchange for the user's business contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

"FreshContacts, a free downloadable plug-in for Outlook, is especially geared toward job seekers who may need an extra edge in researching and connecting with employers and contacts at companies," writes destinationCRM.com's Lauren McKay.

"Chip Terry, ZoomInfo's vice president and general manager of sales intelligence, admits that the company isn't expecting much additional revenue from the FreshContacts play," McKay writes. "However, what he is anticipating is a new and reliable stream of business contacts to add to its database."

All contacts are notified by email when their information is downloaded into the system, and are given the option to opt out.

While competitor Jigsaw also gives a solution to those who upload business contacts, ZoomInfo is requiring access to a user's entire address book.

"Terry admits it's a risk, but in the several months of beta testing, only one person tried to game the system, completely removing his email contacts from Outlook," McKay writes.

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