UC: Path to Productivity?

Thursday Mar 25th 2010 by VoipPlanet.com Staff

In considering whether to invest in UC, companies have to build a business case. But are seconds saved the true bottom-line benefit?

"The word ‘productivity’ is a somewhat wearied term that is perhaps too readily associated with the benefits that Unified Communications (UC) brings to a business," writes Freeform Dynamics' Josie Septhon on the Register.com.

"To some extent this has arisen out of necessity. After all, when companies are trying to put together a business case around UC they need tangible, positive outcomes to help justify the investment, and vague terms such as ‘more efficient communication and collaboration’ just aren’t good enough."

"Discussions around productivity benefits have helped to overcome natural resistance to a solution aimed at addressing a problem that typically isn’t explicitly acknowledged or understood, i.e., that of communications fragmentation. There is, however, a need for more precision when articulating the benefits," Septhon writes.

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