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Podcast: The Struggles of Desktop Videoconferencing

Wednesday Feb 9th 2011 by Carl Weinschenk

Desktop videoconferencing and unified communications seem to be a perfect match. That's why a Forrester survey revealing that almost three-quarters of respondents have no interest in the application is a bit disconcerting. Contributor Carl Weinschenk spoke to Forrester Analyst T.J. Keitt, who did the research.

Video is an increasingly popular element of the general telecommunications landscape. For that reason, desktop videoconferencing would figure to be a popular application among workers.

That isn't the case, at least according to recent research from Forrester. The firm released a report last month that suggested that 72 percent of folks just aren't interested, according to T.J. Keitt, an analyst for Forrester. That's a surprising result and one that potentially has ramifications for unified communications' development path.

T.J. Keitt on unified communications and desktop videoconferencing: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/tjkeitt0209.mp3"]

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