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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

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» Stop Spam Soon
Administrators managing overworked e-mail servers and a spam-weary populace have reason to hope as the push towards authentication picks up steam. (3/4/04)

» Understanding and Preventing DDoS Attacks
Bad as they ever were ... and getting worse. Is your network safeguarded against the threat of a DDoS? (1/9/04)

» Stopping Spam Before the Gateway: Honeypots
Like pesky flies, spammers just can't resist the allure of honey. Discover some sweet tricks for luring spammers into your honey-laced traps. (11/19/03)

» Spam Cleaning with the Big Boys
Server-based anti-spam protection isn't just a good idea, it's the only feasible idea for ISPs and businesses. (11/5/03)

» Stopping Spam at the Gateway
Bandwidth-sapping spam is more than just an annoyance; it's increasingly becoming a drain on the bottom line. Fortunately, administrators can fight back with technology that yields cleaner in-boxes and fewer mail server meltdowns. (10/2/03)

» Windows Server 2003: A Worthy Upgrade?
While blessed with across-the-board improvements in speed and management options, Microsoft's biggest and best server OS yet also has more than its fair share of teething problems. (9/18/03)

» Samba 3: Linux File Serving for the Active Directory Generation
Open source file/print services suite Samba 3 beta 3 is generating interest as the clock ticks away for NT 4 and as IT departments continue to scrutinize every line in their budgets. Discover what the network manager needs to know before making the jump to Samba. (8/26/03)

» From NT Domain to Server 2003 Active Directory
Finally, an NT Domain to AD upgrade without the pain. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols discovers that with some prep work, administrators can expertly conquer an upgrade that once left scores of battered IT managers in its wake. (7/24/03)

» Affordable Gigabit Arrives
You've been thinking about Gigabit Ethernet for a long time now, haven't you? Perhaps you've even installed some server-to-server gigabit network links, although price tags of over a grand per port have likely kept you from deploying it to the desktop. (6/19/03)

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 1st 2004