BIG-IP Network Management as Group, Not Individual

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

F5 Networks addresses network management with latest BIG-IP version.

F5 Networks is pushing the idea of an application-centric network, evident in the latest version of its BIG-IP application delivery services offering. As The Var Guy reports, the offering approaches network management from an application-centric perspective, which enables IT managers to manage the services each application offers as a group rather than on an individual basis. This will save IT administrators time and reduces potential conflicts between applications.

"’Version 11 gives us the ability to unify application security, network access, acceleration and more into one single pane for management,’ he said. ‘The challenge, especially with virtual apps, has been how to make apps adhere to models. It’s difficult to manage, especially as part of a data center. But the iApps templates associate specific sets of services into single, per-application policies that can be moved around as needs change.’”

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 26th 2011