EvoSwitch Doubling Size of Amsterdam Data Center

by Ainsley Jones

EvoSwitch is more than doubling the operational space in its Amsterdam-based data center in an effort to greater serve its customers and continue to increase its own energy savings.

EvoSwitch announced that it is expanding its 45,000 square foot Amsterdam-area data center by an additional 55,000 square feet. This third phase of development will enable the carbon neutral data center operator to provide its current and future customers with additional offerings as well as significantly increase its energy savings, says theWHIR.com.

The facility currently has achieved a Power Usage Effectiveness rate of 1.5. Upon completion of the third phase, the data center will target a PUE of 1.2. On the topic of additional energy savings, Eric Boomstra, managing director of EvoSwitch, said the following:

The additional energy savings are the direct result of the deployment of new technologies and the highly innovative configuration of our systems. This will allow us to use fere cooling, i.e. cooling by using the outdoor temperature, 365 days per year and to keep the energy-wasting compressor completely shut off all year long. The additional growth in customers will also have a positive impact on our energy savings.

The third phase of the facility is expected to be operational during the third quarter of 2010. The quick projected completion of the expansion is due to EvoSwitch utilizing a modular approach developed by DataXenter. Arthur Cole discussed The Evolution of the Modular Data Center last fall for IT Business Edge. Tech giants Google and Microsoft both utilize containerized data centers, notes SearchDataCenter in a lengthy piece on whether modular data centers are the wave of the future or just a niche solution.

This article was originally published on Tuesday May 11th 2010