Fujitsu Bets Big on Cloud Computing

by Ainsley Jones

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has announced it will be spending 25 percent of its 2010 capital investment, or $1.1 billion, on cloud computing.

Fujitsu, which recently announced a worldwide cloud computing partnership with Microsoft, has pledged to spend about $1.1 billion on capital investment and research development related to its cloud computing businesses in fiscal 2010.

The investment includes the hiring and training of 5,000 cloud computing experts and the creation of a new data center in China that is set to be operational by 2012. The firm has also set ambitious sales targets for its cloud computing businesses, says The Wall Street Journal. Fujitsu is aiming for between $14.6 billion and $16.9 billion in fiscal 2015.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 21st 2010