Fujitsu, Microsoft to Team on Cloud Computing

by Ainsley Jones

Microsoft is forming an alliance with Fujitsu in cloud computing that would allow Microsoft to take advantage of Fujitsu's data centers and customer base, with Fujitsu offering Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud-based software.

Fujitsu and Microsoft announced a worldwide cloud computing partnership. The collaboration will allow both companies to deploy cloud computing globally, while cutting their operating costs, according to NewsyStocks.com. The partnership will see Microsoft's Windows Azure platform run in Fujitsu's data centers and Fujitsu offer cloud services based on Windows Azure. Fujitsu looks to benefit from Microsoft's software development while Microsoft is aiming to further its reach within the Japanese enterprise market.

Fujitsu has about 16 data centers around the globe and will begin hosting Windows Azure later this year at its Tatebayashi hub in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Data center sites in the U.S., UK and Singapore have already been tabbed to host Microsoft cloud computing services as well, says The Register.

This article was originally published on Monday Jul 12th 2010