IEEE Launches Cloud Computing Initiative

by Ainsley Jones

The IEEE has started a cloud computing initiative that it expects to be a "catalyst for innovation" in the area.

IEEE launched a cloud computing initiative "designed to serve as the catalyst for innovation in the cloud computing arena." In conjunction with the announcement, IEEE also launched two standards development projects, the IEEE P2301 Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles and the IEEE P2302 Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation.

Judith Gorman, managing director, IEEE-SA, commented:

IEEE is in a uniquely powerful position to impact and shape the face of the burgeoning cloud computing revolution. Driven by a membership dedicated to technology innovation, IEEE continues to set the pace and methodology for contemporary standards development. These newest standards will not only follow the consensus-based process championed by IEEE, but will also leverage the latest in technology development best practices, such as live global test beds and open source references. Cloud computing will showcase our ability to deliver exceptional, universally relevant standards created with these leading edge methodologies.




This article was originally published on Monday Apr 4th 2011