IPv6 Evangelist Offers Migration Outline

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

DeLong presents outline to adding IPv6 to data centers.

Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist and Director of the Professional Services Division for Hurricane Electric says IPv6 can benefit data centers and vast address space is the most significant. Data Center Journal notes that adding IPv6 capabilities to a data center is a critical task that should be considered in the immediate future.

In this article, DeLong offers a general outline of an approach to adding IPv6 capabilities in the data center.

"The keys to successful and relatively inexpensive deployment of IPv6 are getting a head start before customers begin demanding IPv6 service, providing proper training of data center personnel, and carefully planning the deployment, DeLong said. ‘Organizations which delay their deployments, skip training their staff, or attempt to deploy in an unplanned manner will face additional costs and an urgency of deployment that will most likely result in both additional costs and increased customer complaints.’”

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This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 11th 2011