Sourcefire Accelerates IPS with 40 GbE

by Sean Michael Kerner

Intrusion prevention scaled to 40 gigabit Ethernet as demands continue to rise.

In the world of security inspection, speed matters. To that end, Sourcefire (NASDAQ:FIRE) today announced a new set of intrusion prevention systems (IPS), including their first to include a 40 gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) interface port for high-speed data center connectivity.

Sourcefire is also introducing a new device for SSL security inspection to help protect against risks that could come into an organization by way of encrypted traffic.

Leon Ward, EMEA field product manager for Sourcefire explained to InternetNews.com that the appliance uses deep packet inspection technology to find SSL traffic on a network. He added that it doesn't rely on simply filtering traffic from port 443, which is the standard Web server port for SSL encrypted traffic.

"It looks for SSL regardless of port or protocol," Ward said.

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Sourcefire Accelerates IPS to 40 GbE

This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 11th 2011