Successful Virtualization with Network Appliance Consolidation

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Network appliance consolidation is the next logical step in virtualization.

Author Dan Joe Barry, VP of marketing for Napatech, discusses the need to consolidate network appliances when exploring virtualitazation, in this article on Network World.

Companies are able to reduce the number of physical servers in data centers, leading to savings in space and power consumption, through virtualization. One area where consolidation has been elusive, however, is network monitoring, analysis and security infrastructure. Barry says that the next logical step in successful virtualization is the consolidation of network appliances.


"New technology developments now make it possible to consolidate network appliances using some of the same principles and technologies that were used to consolidate application servers, including intelligent adapters and intelligent data distribution mechanisms. The solution enables companies to further reduce their data center footprint, saving not only on capital expenses by eliminating appliance hardware but ongoing operational expenses associated with managing the devices.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 6th 2011