F5 ADC Goes Beyond the Network Firewall

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

CEO of F5 Networks talks about application delivery controllers.

Author Larry Chaffin presents an interview with industry CEO John McAdam of F5 Networks, on Network World. Discussing application delivery controller (ADC), McAdam notes that the market is good, but it's particularly strong and growing for F5 because it is able to provide advanced ADC capabilities-beyond simple load balancing or encryption.He claims it's essential to have multilayer security strategies, but many enterprises are trusting their network firewalls alone to protect them, when clearly that's not enough anymore.

"BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM), our award-winning web application firewall (WAF), competes with Imperva, but ASM is far more than most standard network firewall solutions, which are often blind to layer 7 attacks. It protects against web 2.0 application attacks as well as layer 7 denial of service, brute force, and Slowloris, and web scraping attacks-and these are just a few of the advanced features ASM is recognized for.”

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 10th 2011