Soliton Extends ForeScout Security with Network Access Control (NAC) Appliance

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

The NetAttest LAP appliance integrates with existing ForeScout CounterACT security control platform.

Soliton Systems has announced the new Soliton Systems NetAttest LAP intranet security appliance that integrates with a customer's existing ForeScout CounterACT automated security control platform. As note din the online news release, the intranet security appliance provides mid-tier and distributed enterprise IT organizations with policy-based Network Access Control (NAC), endpoint compliance, mobile security and threat protection.


"The growth of regional offices, the demand for local field employee connectivity, and the increase in teleworking in response to recent earthquakes have forced businesses to take advantage of mobile computing devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs and netbook PCs in order to deliver corporate information from anywhere at any time. Making corporate LAN access convenient, however, also brings the challenges of managing all IT devices, including unmanaged mobile devices, and addressing the increased security risks these devices can introduce.

"IT organizations can use NetAttest LAP to protect LAN resources by controlling access, as well as isolating affected or unknown devices. NetAttest LAP detects devices attempting to connect to the LAN, and either segregates or disconnects insecure and unknown devices from accessing important resources and sensitive information on a company's internal network. In addition, NetAttest LAP with CounterACT can stop zero-day attacks, those that are new and unknown, and other endpoint security issues. The approach, which leverages ForeScout CounterACT's proven functionality, offers a compelling network security solution to keep the extended enterprise safe, while keeping the mobile workforce productive."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 29th 2011