AuthenTec Enhances VPN Security for LifeTouch Android Tablets

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

NEC chooses QuickSec VPN Client for enterprise-class security in LifeTouch NOTE models.

AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH) has announced that NEC Corporation (NEC) has chosen its QuickSec VPN Client solution for enterprise-class security in its new LifeTouch NOTE models for business and LifeTouch Security Pack Android tablet models to be launched in Japan. As noted in this Design-Reuse report, AuthenTec's Android VPN solution supports critical VPN features for LifeTouch users and is compatible with a wide variety of networking devices, including all major VPN gateways.

"The newest additions to the LifeTouch series of tablets incorporate several security features to ensure secure connections between mobile users and corporate networks. The LifeTouch Security Pack is an Android device positioned between computers and mobile phones, offering performance and mobility comparable to both.

"AuthenTec‘s Mobile VPN Client for Android is a complete Mobile VPN solution tailored specifically for Android phones and tablets, and is based on AuthenTec's widely deployed QuickSec technology. This VPN client solution has been thoroughly tested and proven for interoperability with all major VPN gateways and comes with an easily customizable user interface. QuickSec VPN Client for Android is robust enough for enterprise VPN access but as straightforward for phone and tablet users as entering a password or PIN. Some of the key features include complete IPsec, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above, IPv6, IKEv2 with MOBIKE, Xauth, EAP-based authentication, and split tunneling support."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 22nd 2011