Are Smartphones a Security Risk for Corporate Networks?

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Not if organizations take appropriate measures to ensure network safety.

Growing use of mobile devices means staff use these devices to retrieve email and to use other applications on the move. As note din this RealWire report, this potentially allows them to link to the company network to access data and use network-based applications, access social networking sites, and carry out online e-commerce and banking transactions.



"The biggest danger, of course, is that smartphones go missing. Many of us will have lost a mobile phone in the past or know someone who has. Research by getsafeonline shows that about one in five owners of smartphone devices can expect to lose or have them stolen at some point. Surveys show the level of phone loss in London taxis is at a world-leading, and fairly consistent, 10,000 per month. Yes, that’s right, 10,000 per month!

"Smartphones are often used for both business and personal reasons and if they are lost, both sensitive company data and personal data stored on the phone may be exposed. Email exchanges could be seen. Personal data relating to online purchasing or banking might be viewed."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 29th 2011