Avenda Systems Offers Large-scale Network Access Security Platform

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

eTIPS version 4.0 automates access security for a large, complex, and globally distributed workforce.

Avenda Systems has announced the release of eTIPS version 4.0, its latest platform release for physical and virtual machine appliances that helps customers create larger, distributed network access security domains or clusters. eTIPS version 4.0 is able to support uniform context-aware policy enforcement, for geographically dispersed mobile enterprise deployments."


"These new capabilities combine cost-effective, flexible attribute-driven policy management, AAA, and network access control (NAC) endpoint compliance that overcome the complexity, administrative burden and operational limitations of competitive approaches for distributed deployments that require a siloed high-availability model, dedicated management consoles, overcoming integration complexities.

"'Avenda’s user and device-based authentication platform delivers the configuration flexibility and clarity, quality of logging and monitoring, and switch vendor independence that other vendors only promise,' commented Dominik Oestreicher, Managing Director, doIT solutions GmbH. “The new clustering capabilities in eTIPS 4.0 are extremely valuable as today’s global enterprises require consistent user policies and control, support for personal devices, and the ability to dynamically meet location specific compliance demands.'"

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This article was originally published on Friday Aug 19th 2011