Cisco Lists Top 10 Malware Threats

by Kara Reeder

Cisco provides the top 10 malware threats.

Cisco's 2Q10 Global Threat Report, which was generated by IronPort, offers up the top 10 malware threats. eSecurity Planet provides the list. Here are the top five:


  1. Exploit.JS.Gumblar, a Trojan downloader that drops an encrypted file onto the victim's system. Gumblar made up 5 percent of all Web malware in 2Q10.
  2. JS.Redirector.cq, a Trojan that uses malicious JavaScript to redirect users to bogus websites that pretend to scan for viruses, then download fake anti-virus code.
  3. PSW.Win32.Infostealer.bnkb, a keylogger that represents 3 percent of 2Q10 encounters.
  4. Mal/GIFIframe-A, a family of malware that exploits iframes that have been injected into files that use popular graphic formats like GIF and JPG.
  5. JS.Redirector.AT, a Trojan family that redirects users to other websites that display porn, phish for confidential data, and implant malware on the victim's PC.
This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 10th 2010