Edge Router Market Led by Alcatel-Lucent

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Alcatel-Lucent's fundamental technology leads the way to 400G routing.

Alcatel-Lucent announced its FP3 network processor, a third-generation chipset with the potential to handle 400 gigabits per second (Gbps) transmission speeds. As Tech target reports, the timely release happened just as the industry is deploying 10G and looking toward 100G capabilities. The company, the second largest in the edge router market, says the FP3 is the fundamental technology that will enable the company to take the next step in 400G routing once the technology is standardized

"Operator statements referred to service-aware technology in general terms as well. Karl Penaluna, BT president of global networks and computing infrastructure, said that ‘as cloud-based services emerge and rich multimedia services proliferate, this type of technology can help us provide the best quality of service at even higher speeds.’ While approving of Alcatel-Lucent’s announcement, NTT’s Masato Minamisawa, vice president of IP technology in the business network services division, added that he looked forward to the new functions that would come with the network processor, but didn’t elaborate on what those were.”

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This article was originally published on Monday Jul 25th 2011