Emsisoft Online Armor 5.1 Offers Rootkit Detection

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Online Armor Firewall monitors network and Internet connections to ensure hackers have no access.

The new release of Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall 5.1 uses a new certificate-based evaluation system for benign programs. As noted in this PR Newswire release, the program is capable of deciding which applications should be permitted access or not. This results in a great reduction in the number of alert messages and irritating queries to the user.


"Version 5.1 also includes a number of other improvements: Improved Firewall protection: The Firewall has been once more significantly improved so that it can continue to provide perfect protection for your Windows computer.

"Simplified operation: Many user suggestions for making the Firewall easier to use have now been implemented.

"Better compatibility: The developers have further optimized the code of Online Armor to make it even more stable. Compatibility with other protection programs has also been improved.

"New Online Malware Scan: New and unknown files can now be checked using the new Online Malware Scan feature. This function can be directly accessed by right-clicking on the file to be checked.

"Automatic updates also in the Freeware version: This is a major enhancement to the Freeware version since the blacklists and whitelists are updated on a daily basis."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 13th 2011