HybridCloud Offers Enterprises Dedicated IT Infrastructure Over Secure VPN

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

NetMagic uses public cloud resources to support enterprises.

Managed network services provider Netmagic Solutions has launched it’s gen 3 enterprise-grade, on-demand public cloud services. According to TMC Net, The SimpliCloud, HybridCloud and Private Cloud services have constant customer support. HybridCloud offers enterprises dedicated IT infrastructure, and scalability by using Netmagic's public cloud resources over a secure VPN.

"’Netmagic’s cloud business is growing at more than 100 percent,’ said Sharad Sanghi, MD and CEO of Netmagic. ‘There is a clear intent from customers to leverage the cloud for greater business flexibility and no upfront investment. They also want a simple solution that can make their journey onto the cloud hassle-free. We were the first to identify this opportunity in India and launched our cloud services in April 2009. By backing it up with the highest level of support and with our initiatives to enable the ecosystem, we hope to push cloud adoption in India significantly.’”

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 2nd 2011