IT Security Personnel Risks Security for Network Performance

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Survey reveals security sacrifice by IT personnel.

IT security personnel within large corporations are sacrificing security applications in order to meet network performance demands for business applications, Billing World reports. The results of a survey by Crossbeam Systems reveals that the sacrifice puts employees, customers, partners and other constituents at risk in order to meet business demands. The survey polled nearly 500 network security, IT and C-level executives at global enterprises and service providers.


"’The survey results are another proof-point for what has become a growing issue in the industry – the challenge of managing security performance,’ said Chris Christiansen, program vice president, Security Products and Services, IDC. ‘The findings suggest the problem may be far greater than generally perceived, and it serves as a call to action for IT security personnel to take the time to test their solutions under real-world conditions, hold their security vendors accountable for the performance of their products, and gain a true understanding of their network requirements.’"

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 20th 2011