Security Pros: It Won't Happen to Me

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

New network survey shows 90 percent of security pros take note of high-profile breaches but majority do nothing.

New findings from a Tenable Network Security study indicate that security pros see insider threats as a problem but not a priority. According to the study, more than 90 percent of attendees surveyed at the 2011 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit discussed large-scale, high-profile breaches like RSA, Citigroup and Sony with senior management, yet only 23 percent did anything beyond that.

"Nearly half (46 percent) of attendees surveyed had experienced some form of insider threat while at their current company, but surprisingly 'preventing insider threats' was ranked the second-lowest information security priority for the next six to eight months by the field. Even more surprising, one in three security professionals admitted that they had violated internal security policies they created in order to complete a work-related task quickly and/or easily.

"'The productivity versus security battle continues to create problems for enterprises,' added Gula. 'Employees, including privileged security professionals, are going to do whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless of policies or security risks.'"

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 7th 2011