Stonesoft Announces Stonegate FW-315 Firewall and VPN Appliance

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

New Firewall for small networks and branch offices.

Stonesoft has introduced the StoneGate FW-315 firewall/VPN appliance with UTM functionality designed for small networks and branch offices. As noted in this news statement by the company, the StoneGate FW-315 provides reliable data security combined with high availability features to guarantee network continuity at all times.

"Today, remote offices and small networks are highly vulnerable to breaches and malware. Many offices require direct Internet connections thereby creating a need for comprehensive protection against inbound and outbound attacks. Often, computers at remote locations are at a higher risk of infection and compromise than those at company headquarters. This is primarily due to a lack of IT expertise and security resources available to remote locations. The new FW-315 has been designed to meet these needs, offering remote offices high-level security and reliable network connections.

"The StoneGate FW-315 device provides comprehensive protection with unified threat management (UTM) features such as Web filtering, intrusion prevention for e-mail, HTTP, and VoIP, as well as anti-spam for SMTP e-mail and anti-virus scanning for e-mail and HTTP protocols."

Read the Full News Release at Stonesoft.com

This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 6th 2011