Strong Network Security Starts with Common Sense

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Organizations need to get a grip on borders.

The threats an organization faces are multifaceted. This Help Net Security article points out that while it’s possible -- and perhaps tempting -- to spend millions plugging every hole, the reality is a more common sense approach to network security is required.


"For many years those who concerned themselves with an organization's cyber security warned of threats, both internal and external, urging organizations to adequately protect themselves. Unfortunately the message either went unheeded, or the security measures implemented were insufficient, as we’ve seen headline after headline of victims who’ve suffered a breach. While the severity may vary, each is an example of the concerned organization's security measures being found wanting.

"And the battle has only just begun as, in recent months, security professionals have amplified the cry following attacks from DigiNotar, Anonymous and WikiLeaks – and the list goes on. Organizations need to get a grip on their borders, now, or risk losing the cyber fight and becoming another statistic."

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This article was originally published on Monday Sep 26th 2011