Symantec Details Four-Pronged Security Approach

by Kara Reeder

Symantec says there are four weak points in the enterprise.

V3.co.uk reports that Symantec has launched four systems aimed at helping companies protect four weak points in the enterprise: poorly enforced IT policies, ill-protected information, badly managed systems and poorly protected infrastructure.

Control Compliance Suite version 10.0 will aid firms in developing and enforcing IT policies. The article also explains:

Data Loss Prevention Suite 10.5, meanwhile, has been designed to prevent data loss through social media sites or from private clouds, and the Altiris IT Management Suite 7.0 is a client, server and asset management tool that can help during operating system migrations, for example.

The company also released details about three Protection Suites that are due out this summer.

A recent report by Symantec found that 100 percent of the 2,100 businesses surveyed had experienced cyber losses of some type in the past year.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 14th 2010