Tips to Protect Your Network with Microsoft ISA Firewall Server

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Best practices for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server.

The latest in a Sys-Con Media series of guides on protecting your network focuses on best practices specifically to Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server. This how-to article offers recommendations to configure the Microsoft ISA firewall so it provides the best level of security, reliability and performance possible.


"ISA Server comes with a Firewall and Web Proxy client. You should deploy these clients to get superior performance over what a hardware firewall provides. The combination of ISA server and its clients provide an intelligent security solution, more so than an appliance without clients can offer.

"The ISA firewall should have only one DNS server configured on its interfaces, and that DNS server address must be configured on its internal interface (or whatever interface is closest to an internal DNS server that can resolve Internet host names). Never put an external DNS server on any of the ISA firewall’s interfaces, and never enter a DNS server address on more than one ISA firewall interface."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 8th 2011