AppNeta Unveils Enhanced Network Performance Assessment

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

New network and application assessment features available for PathView Cloud.

Network performance management company, AppNeta, has announced new network and application assessment features for PathView Cloud. The new features, as reported by the company on TMCNet give network engineers and managed service providers the ability to generate and analyze actual VoIP traffic on a production network without using software agents or application infrastructure


"'We have thousands of customers deploying VoIP and other performance sensitive applications that their businesses depend on,' said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta, in a release. 'PathView Cloud's enhanced features provide insight into the network prior to a VoIP deployment, and lightweight, continuous monitoring after the roll-out to keep the applications working.'

"Not only do PathView Cloud solutions offer active bandwidth monitoring, active application performance monitoring, remote net flow analysis and remote packet capture for Wireshark analysis, they also leverage a zero administration, cloud-based service to meet the performance demands of today's distributed network infrastructure and mainstream network-dependent applications, according to the release."

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This article was originally published on Monday Sep 19th 2011