NetScout to Announce Performance Management Standby Server

by Michael Hall

New server aimed at enterprises in need of a backup performance management server in emergency scenarios.

NetScout Systems will announce tomorrow the release of a new standby server product designed to step in when primary performance management servers are crippled by disaster or hardware failures.

The company says the nGenius Performance Manager Standby Server is aimed at large enterprises, and maintains "a frequently updated, replicated copy" of the primary performance management server’s data and configuration settings. In the event of the primary server becoming available, NetScout says the standby server can be quickly activated to step into the breach and assume control of performance management processes.

According to a statement from NetScout, the nGenius system can "keep close tabs on network and application activity during a crisis, by showing which systems and applications are on-line, which sites and users are able to continue to conduct business, and how business services are performing on backup or redundant networks and systems." The company also noted that the server can provide post-event network and application activity reporting "to demonstrate the success or failure of disaster recovery operations."

The company listed use in off-site redundant data centers, geographically distant third-party backup sites, and existing co-location facilities as an on-site redundant server as potential deployment scenarios for its product.

The nGenius Performance Manager Standby Server is currently shipping as software-only for Windows and Solaris servers, as well as pre-loaded on Windows or Red Hat Linux appliances. Pricing starts at $25,000.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 13th 2005