New Appliance Sniffs for Spyware

by Michael Hall

A new appliance from Trend Micro sniffs for spyware and malicious applets, then helps infected servers and clients clean themselves up.

Trend Micro has announced a new Web security gateway designed to scan HTTP and FTP traffic for spyware and other malware.

The InterScan Web Security Appliance is designed to integrate with the company's overall InterScan product line. For instance, the appliance can trigger endpoint cleanup by working with Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services and work with the company's OfficeScan and Anti-Spyware Enterprise Edition products.

Through traffic analysis and an existing database, the appliance assesses outbound traffic to ensure it's not spyware "phoning home" or an attempt to access a known phishing site. It also blocks spyware downloads and checks the digital certificates for ActiveX and Java applets to ensure they're coming from a trusted source, and assesses them for potential threats.

The appliance is available as a 1U rack mountable device running a hardened Linux distribution. Trend Micro says a single appliance is capable of supporting up to 5,000 users. Additionally, the appliance integrates with existing Active Directory and LDAP directories and provides SNMP support.

The appliance is available as a standard or enterprise version, with ActiveX and Java applet scanning available only in the latter.

The appliance is available immediately in North America with a SRP of $20,000 for up to 2,500 users and $30,000 for up to 5,000 users.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 1st 2006