CrossNodes Product Briefing: Systems Management on Steroids

by Dayna Delmonico

Whatever systems and network management suite youre using is based on some framework. Whether you know it or not, you have a starting point or framework to build a flexible system management environment that can blend old and new technologies and mixed IT environments and scale to large enterprise environments. Each CrossNodes Product Briefing provides an overview of what you need to know before purchasing a specific technology, and includes round-up listings of current products from each of the major vendors.

A few years ago, some large organizations decided they needed some type of framework to be able to cost effectively manage their enterprises. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) complied. Now, with frameworks widely deployed and supported, systems management is not only easier but the software market is expected to grow from $13 billion this year to $25 billion by 2005. Framework management, in essence, is systems management on steroids.

If youre a large enterprise-class corporation, an ISP for instance, youve already got a management framework in place. For most customers, however, whatever systems and network management suite theyre using is based on some framework. Whether they know it or not, they have a starting point or framework they can use to build a flexible system management environment that can blend old and new technologies and mixed IT environments and scale to large enterprise environments.

However, framework management suffers from a lack of definitions. Vendors call it Enterprise Systems Management, infrastructure management and/or eBusiness infrastructure management. Each apporach implements framework management to provide seamless control of IT resources.

A management framework that is fairly well known is Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG Framework. TNG provides out-of-the-box support for a broad range of hardware platforms and framework technologies like object repository and auto discovery. It forms the foundation for Unicenter TNG (now Unicenter 3.0 Network & Systems Management), which is CAs modular and integrated management solution. This covers many enterprise functions, including networks, performance, events and status, security, software distribution, inventory storage, workload control, helpdesk and change management.

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Framework Management Vendors

Vendor: Computer Associates
Product: Unicenter  
Description: Unicenters framework provides automatic discovery, scheduling, 
virus detection, monitoring from the even management console and management 
object repository. Unicenter is CA's family of integrated Infrastructure Management 
solutions for systems, networks, databases, web resources, applications, and 
end-user devices. 

Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
Prodct: OpenView Express
Description:  OpenView Express manages Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, 
Terminal Server, or NetWare environment. Features integrated event correlation, 
thresholding, alarming, and reporting.  OpenView Express bundles three 
integrated HP OpenView products (Network Node Manager, ManageX, and OmniBack II). 
Provides real-time monitoring and full data protection of the Active Directory 
Service (ADS) database.  manages more than 30 applications and utilities, 
including Exchange 5.5/2000, IIS, SQL Server, and others from vendors such as 
Microsoft, Lotus, Oracle, Sybase, Compaq, Dell, VERITAS, McAffee, Norton, and Cisco.

Vendor: Microsoft Corp.
Product: Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
OS(s): Win NT; Win 2000
Description: Enterprise-class solutions for operations management of Windows 2000, 
the Active Directory service and other component services in Windows 2000, as 
well as .NET Enterprise Server applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server 
and SQL Server.  Mixed IT environments extensions are available from third-party 
software vendors like NetIQ.

Vendor: Tivoli Software
Product: Management Framework
OS(s): Win NT; Win 2000; HP-UX; IBM-AIX; OS/2/400
Description: The Tivoli Management Framework is the foundation for other Tivoli 
Enterprise and third-party management products. It provides the graphical desktop, 
object-oriented databases, and base services used by other products. 

This article was originally published on Monday Oct 29th 2001