ZENworks For Handhelds Announced

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

Novell is taking advantage of their reputation with desktop management software through their acquisition of Callisto Software, and preparing a rollout for a new entry in their management suite, ZENworks. This time, they're going mobile...

Novell is on the move. While the Utah-based network software provider has tried to rebrand itself as "a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software", the true focus of their product continues to be the enterprise. NetWare 6 and ZenWorks for Desktops both won awards at Comdex.

Furthering the cause of network management is this week's announcement of ZENworks for Handhelds. Novell has agreed to acquire mobile and wireless device management technologies from Callisto Software, a developer of management solutions for mobile systems, including handheld devices. Through this acquisition, Novell will expand its management offerings to include mobile technologies in existing products and the new offering.

Novell claims that ninety-one percent of their more-than 35 million ZENworks for Desktops customers have indicated they are investigating management polices and methods for mobile and handheld devices. The number of mobile and handheld devices in use continues to grow as they become fundamental to business success, particularly for organizations with large numbers of deskless employees. As these devices increase in number and significance, IT departments need better ways to manage and support them.

Administrators will be able to use a single set of integrated management tools to effectively manage the integrated combination of desktop, laptop, handheld and thin-client management from one vendor.

Brad Anderson, Novell's ZENworks business unit manager, said "The Callisto acquisition gives us mobile and wireless device management technologies to increase Novell's remote and mobile offerings, such as the anytime, anywhere access to information currently provided by Novell iFolder and GroupWise Wireless. With ZENworks for Desktops already being the most widely deployed directory-enabled desktop management solution on the market, this acquisition dramatically increases Novell's edge as we now provide mobile and wireless management to current and new customers."

Ronni Colville of Gartner, Inc., said, "Mobile and wireless devices have matured from being fringe devices and are starting to require management that integrates with the rest of the business. Businesses who are serious about using such devices should seek management solutions that complement desktop management systems and personalize management by using the directory."

Further details and availability of ZENworks for Handhelds will be announced in early 2002.

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This article was originally published on Friday Nov 30th 2001