How to Protect Against Network-based Security Threats

by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff

The eReviewGuide network security guide outlines prophylactic layers for maximum network security and protection.

According to eReviewGuide.com, as more people use the Internet and social networking websites, the intersection between network-based attacks and higher levels of trust has put more and more people at risk.

Ereviewguide.com has released a network security protection guide that explains the different layers of protection network administrators and home users can employ to prevent virus and network-based attacks.


"'Prophylactics prevent infection by blocking one system against infectious contact with another system,' said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer at ereviewguide.com. 'Prophylactics are just as effective in computer software and networking as they are in a human setting. However, like in human health, the effectiveness of prophylactic measures depends in large part on the actions of the person employing the prophylactic methods," said Thompson."

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 22nd 2011