Network Management Void Filled by Enterasys

by - Enterprise Storage Forum Staff

PostWorks NY chooses Enterasys over Cisco for network management needs.

PostWorks NY, a post-production video editing house, has deployed Enterasys solutions to improve management, visibility and control of its integrated wired/wireless network. In response to a need for network management, reports PR Newswire, PostWorks evaluated many wireless vendors before choosing Enterasys Networks as the best choice for the company.

The fully integrated infrastructure includes Enterasys Wireless, Enterasys S-Series modular switches and Enterasys D-Series Gigabit Ethernet workgroup switches. PostWorks claims the new infrastructure has resulted in a drastic drop in help desk tickets, reduced the complexity and cost of network management and tightened data security.

"Tight network management is imperative not only for PostWorks IT operations, but also for its business model. With television networks and film studios cracking down on piracy, solid policies and auditing of PostWorks' wireless network helps protect data, as leaks traced to PostWorks would hurt business. ‘Our clients need assurance that our network is secure before they will allow PostWorks to handle their intellectual property,’ said Gombos. ‘One slip up and we've lost business. We can't let that happen, and the management and security features with the Enterasys solution help PostWorks maintain our good reputation and help our clients maintain confidence in our operation.’"

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 12th 2011