GFI Offers Freeware Network Monitor Tool

by Michael Hall

GFI is giving away a three-server version of its Network Server Monitor 6 software, a tool that notifies admins of downed services and performs corrective action.

Security company GFI has announced a freeware version of its network server monitor, a tool designed to scan networks and servers for failures and notify admins with several kinds of alerts.

GFI said it's making GFI Network Server Monitor 6 available at no charge for use with with up to three servers. It supports Windows and Linux/Unix systems. The product ordinarily costs $250.

Among the facets of server operation the product monitors are CPU usage, printer availability, file existence, running processes, folder size, file size, disk partition checks and disk space. In addition, admins can extend the product by writing scripts that utilize SSH connectivity to monitor specific functionality.

In addition to checking in on standard services such as POP, HTTP, IMAP, and DNS, Network Server Monitor checks the status of terminal servers by executing a login and assessing the server's response to generated events.

When the product detects a problem with a monitored service or server, it can send notifications to admins via SMS messaging, pager or e-mail. The software can also take some corrective actions, including running a specific script, rebooting a system, or restarting a service.

GFI says that its product is available as a download that times out after a 60-day evaluation period, unless a special freeware key for a three-server version is entered.

In addition to the freeware version, GFI sells licenses for larger installations, with pricing beginning at $499 to monitor 10 servers.

More information on GFI Network Server Monitor 6 is available at the GFI Website.

This article was originally published on Thursday May 19th 2005