AdriaComm Introduces Free Online Meeting Software

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Provider of VoIP software designs its ICUNOW app for users that want a "higher level of functionality" than Skype offers.

"AdriaComm, LLC, has launched online meeting software, ICUNOW, free for end-users who want to utilize the Internet for videoconferencing and web conferencing, but find Skype limited in its offering and taxing of computer resources," writes TMCnet's Anil Sharma.

" 'Professional users demand a higher level of functionality than Skype can offer,' said Connor Vlakancic, senior vice president of sales and marketing, AdriaComm, in a statement," Sharma writes.

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VOIP Software Provider AdriaComm Introduces Online Meeting Software

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 28th 2010