Alteva Launches Local Anywhere VoIP Service

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Multiple DIDs in different area codes can now ring a single desk phone.

"Alteva is adding personalization capabilities to its hosted VoIP services. The unified communications (UC) provider has launched Local Anywhere, which assigns multiple direct inward dialing, or DID, numbers to one VoIP desk phone. That way, Alteva's hosted VoIP users can see which phone number is calling and decide how to treat the call," writes Frank Ohlhorst on PhonePlus.com

"Outbound caller IDs, too, are assigned to each phone number, so people receiving the calls are less likely to ignore them. That's especially useful for companies trying to reach customers, Alteva said," Ohlhorst writes.

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Alteva Personalizes Hosted VoIP Calling with Local Anywhere

This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 14th 2010