An analyst looks at Avaya web.alive collaboration.

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Yankee Group's Zeus Kerravala attended the launch event—and was intrigued.

"Today Avaya launched its "web.alive" product that it acquired as part of Nortel—an environment to allow people to collaborate virtually from any location. While it's not quite VWorld from the TV show, Caprica, my time spent in web.alive was interesting and eye opening and I thought I would share my experience," writes Yankee Group SVP Zeus Kerravala on the No Jitter blog.

"Avaya's web.alive is a virtual world where each individual creates his or her own avatar and walks around and interacts with people virtually. The difference with web.alive is that the world is a dedicated to replicating the feeling that you're in a building or conference facility walking around interacting with one another," Kerravala writes.

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Avaya web.alive Adds a New Dimension to Collaboration

This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 16th 2011