Despite Hype, Mobile VoIP Will Not Alter the Telephony Landscape

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Flat-rate pricing for cellular voice/data bundles means we all overpay; VoIP doesn't change that much.

"Don’t let the headlines and scare tactics fool you: Mobile VoIP is really not a big deal. That’s the opinion of Heavy Reading contributing analyst Bob Poe, who maintains that the whole mobile VoIP movement is a bit overstated," writes Light Reading's Sarah Reedy.

"A lot of projections may paint a different picture, but the reason Poe isn’t buying the hoopla is because, at least in the US, VoIP doesn’t let users realize significant cost savings under today’s wireless pricing structures," Reedy writes.

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Mobile VoIP Not a Game Changer

This article was originally published on Monday Jun 7th 2010