Free VoIP Calls from the Folks that Brought You magicJack

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

MagicTalk, a new service from VocalTec, will allow free PC-based calls to any phone in the U.S. or Canada.

Following a successful merger last month, YMAX Corp. and VocalTec – which gave its name to the newly formed company – this week announced a new, PC-based service, dubbed MagicTalk, that will allow users to place calls to any U.S. or Canadian phone at no cost.

MagicTalk will require a free software download (available for Windows and Mac PCs next week). A DID (incoming phone number) comes free with the service, or users can port existing numbers.

Indeed, incoming calls are the key to the economic model, since VocalTec operates as a phone company and will charge other carriers to terminate incoming calls.

Click the link below to read full coverage of the announcement by AP writer Peter Svensson on Yahoo News:
Company behind magicJack to banish calling costs

This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 17th 2010
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