Industry Luminary Sees VoIP and Mobile as a Powerful Duo

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Metaswitch CEO dubs the VoIP-enabled mobile phone the ultimate communications device.

"The Voice over IP market may seem mature—even old hat—to many in the telecom space, but Kevin DeNuccio, CEO of Metaswitch Networks, insists the best is yet to come for VoIP. Given that his company, a Leading Lights Awards finalist, makes softswitches and other gear aimed at the an all-IP infrastructure, DeNuccio probably has to espouse that viewpoint—but he does so with vigor," writes Light Reading's Carol Wilson.

"The key point is that VoIP and wireless communications come together with 4G network deployments, DeNuccio says, and that will create new possibilities for innovation that could fuel voice service usage," Wilson writes.

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Metaswitch CEO: VoIP + Mobility = $$

This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 14th 2010