Is Google Now a Carrier?

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

With the launch of its Call Phones VoIP app Google may be susceptible to the regulation that traditional carriers enjoy.

"These days, the mere mention that Google is offering a new VOIP (voice over IP) service raises concerns about whether the company is creeping closer to becoming a carrier," writes eWeek's Clint Boulton.

"With Call Phones from Gmail, users can type the name of their existing Gmail contacts or punch in a number for the first time, hit enter, and Gmail begins ringing the person's landline or cell phone. Calls are free to the U.S. and Canada. International calls start at 2 cents a minute," Boulton writes.

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Google: Gmail Calling Doesn't Make Us a Carrier

This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 22nd 2010