Sidestepping VoIP Quality Issues

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Although numerous, the sources of voice quality problems are known—and avoidable.

"Consumers have used services such as Vonage and Skype to lower telephone bills and connect with loved ones around the world. Businesses have reaped far greater benefits from VoIP when they have installed IP enabled telephone systems and Hosted PBX services. Not every VoIP implementation is a success story, though. VoIP problems such as dropped calls and garbled speech can be frustrating to users and counterproductive to business," writes James Waldrop on Technorati.com.

"These voice quality problems can be the result of many factors including insufficient Internet speed, poor ISP service, wiring, viruses, improper voice packet prioritization and many more. Solving these issues can seem difficult especially if they are intermittent," Waldrop writes.

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How to Solve VoIP Voice Quality Problems

This article was originally published on Friday Oct 29th 2010