Skype-Facebook Combo A Powerful Communications Platform

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Together, Skype's VoIP and video calling and Facebook's text messaging put you in contact with a whole lot of people.

"With the launch of Skype 5.0 this week, the PC-based voice over IP (VoIP) and messaging service is now integrated with the Facebook social network. While neither Skype nor Facebook are typically considered business platforms, the combination of the two offer many of the benefits and features of unified communications on a budget that small and medium businesses can appreciate: free," writes PCWorld's Tony Bradley.

"First, let's define unified communications (UC). Admittedly, that is easier said than done. UC is more of a concept than a specific technology. UC is somewhat subjective and can involve combining whichever elements of communications and productivity suit the needs of the organization. For the sake of simplicity, though, let's assume that UC involves melding voice communications, video conferencing, instant messaging, and e-mail," Bradley writes.

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Skype and Facebook: Shoestring Communications Hub

This article was originally published on Saturday Oct 16th 2010