Speakeasy Offers Free Phones to Businesses Switching to VoIP

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Move lowers or eliminates the financial hurdle to making the big change.

SEATTLE, March 30, 2010—Speakeasy , a Best Buy company (NYSE:BBY) and one of the nation's leading broadband and voice service providers, today eliminated one of the last barriers to VoIP adoption, offering free IP phones to new business customers. For a limited-time only, Speakeasy is including, free of charge, Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 VoIP-enabled phones to new business customers who purchase unlimited or global Hosted Voice calling plans and have a minimum of five lines.

According to a report by In-Stat, VoIP is expected to see 79 percent penetration among U.S. businesses in the next three years, up from 33 percent of businesses currently using VoIP. Speakeasy hopes to accelerate this growth trend, lowering the barrier even further by eliminating up front phone costs with its promotion.

"The benefits of switching to Hosted Voice are clear and proven," said Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy CEO. "And although the savings pay off over time, companies can be discouraged by the upfront financial hurdle of purchasing new phones. By taking the cost of new phones out of the purchase decision, companies now have no reason not to make the switch."

Click the following link to read the full press release: Speakeasy Offers Free Phones; Eliminates Financial Barriers for Businesses Switching to VoIP

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 31st 2010