These are rich times for SMB telecom.

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

With so many powerful, affordable hosted solutions available, how does one choose?

"Mobile broadband has grown fast enough that quality of experience (QoE) has suffered for many users. As those services grow, QoE is something that consumers are apparently ready to pay for, It’s good to be a small business. That may be true for lots of reasons, but I am referring to the current telecom environment. The choices for telecommunications solutions have never been greater, more powerful, or so reasonably priced," writes telecom analyst and consultant Dave Michaels on UCStrategies.com.

"It’s a buyers market too! VoIP technologies eliminate geographical limitations, so service providers across the country are vying for Main Street business. But selecting a provider isn’t simple - not only are they difficult to compare, but offer wildly different approaches to voice and unified communications," Michaels writes.

Follow the link below to read Michaels' analysis of the market:
Hosted Solutions For SMB

This article was originally published on Friday Feb 4th 2011