VoIP over VPN: Savings and Security

by VoipPlanet.com Staff

Encryption alone is not the ultimate answer for tamper-free IP voice.

"Enterprises looking to reduce costs associated with communications services tend to be attracted to VoIP solutions, and with good reason. Implementing VoIP gateways, integrated with other products and services, can significantly reduce phone bills and enable network architectures that are cheaper and easier to maintain," writes TCMnet's Mae Kowalke.

"But, there is the issue of security. If voice and data traffic are transported over public networks, how can a business ensure that its systems are safe from hackers, snoopers and other interceptors? Military, financial and government organizations are likely to be especially reluctant to cash in on the potential benefits of VoIP because of security concerns," Kowalke writes.

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Secure Converged Communications is Possible with VoIP-over-VPN

This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 2nd 2010